Dec 19, 2014

Just call her Brick

I think, other than my daughter, I am the only person who watches "The Middle" in the world. I just love that show. It totally exagerates everything we all had happen to us in raising children.  I've watched it every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm since it came on and/or records every week.   And please, may it never go off the air.  When I saw my grand-daughter this afternoon sitting behind the Christmas tree reading a book, it reminded me of Brick.  The youngest character in that show, if'n you don't know.  He's always got his nose in a book.
I have suggested that show to my friends when the subject comes up and so far it is 0-1.  I'm the only person that likes that show. 
As you can already tell, I'm visiting my kids and grandkids for Christmas.  For the first 24 hours, I've had a lot of fun.  Went to an orchestra concert that The Dormouse is in last night.  She plays viola.  Then today, everybody went to school and work.  I got up and said good bye to everybody.  Then I went to the couch and turned on the television.  And then I woke up at noon.   Ahhhh.    Perfect.

Dec 8, 2014

Poor little blog!

It hasn't been touched in weeks.    

But I've been doing things.   

This for one thing.
I've always wanted a yellow kitchen.  It's just such a pretty and happy color.  Getting it to this color was a job though.  I have a little yellow candle holder thing that was kind of a dull, pale yellowish color.  I decided that was what I wanted the color to be.   So I took the little candle thingy into Home Depot and had them match the color to that.   Paint is funny.   You can pick out the little sample cards, but it never looks the same on the wall as it did on the card.  Same with trying to match something.  I thought the color seemed a bit harsh in the store and when I put a sample swipe onto a white wall, I knew it was way too yellow.  I wanted yellow.   Not YELLOW! 

So I bought a quart of white paint and put it into the gallon of yellow paint little by little.   I liked it a lot better then, but when this side of the kitchen was all painted, I knew I didn't want the whole kitchen to be yellow.   The picture looks a lot softer that I think it does on the wall.  So in January I'm going to paint the other half around the sink, stove and cupboards with a lot lighter color.   I think I'll buy another quart of white paint and then start dipping some yellow into that. 

I love the colors red and yellow together.  Those chairs are very colonial red though the picture doesn't look like they are.   But when you see them with the yellow walls, it looks pretty together.  That door is going to get painted with white.  It's about 20 years old and needs some attention.


  I'm booked for the rest of this month.