Sep 11, 2014

Then there's the creepy side of too much water

I was typing up some ancestor histories yesterday and I needed a photo of one of them here in the Mesa City Cemetery.  So  I went out and found her and then walked around a while.   I lovelovelove walking around in a cemetery.  I wonder about each name on the graves and what their life story was.   I am such a history buff.

Yes I know I'm weird.   Always have known.

Anyway - I found some interesting items left over from the water and flood.

 Kind of makes you watch where you are stepping.

Sep 9, 2014

Good Heavens!!! Dry and hot little Mesa made the national news in wetness

Disclaimer: These are ABC15's photos. 

 Mesa got hit hard in the neighborhoods.  Some neighborhoods.  Others got by not so much.  Some guy is mad because he found out his house was built in a flood plain.   I don't blame him.  Although I didn't know we had flood plains here.

Yesterday I went down to Michael's and I went my usual way.  I turn into a neighborhood and come in the back way.  Which I did.  And the whole street was flooded.   Do I or don't I?  Think think think. 

 Heck no.  I'm not that dumb.  I backed up and turned the car around.  But some people can't get out of the water that easily.

You haven't lived until you have been out in the desert in the rain.  The smell is wonderful.

This is what happens here when we get rain.   Suddenly creeks and rivers are created.  Then they all dry up again.

Now this kid has the right idea.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for not letting me be in this mess on the freeways.

Then there was jet skiing at Lindsay and McKellips Roads.   About a mile from me.  I couldn't download it.  Or is it upload.  That's like is it on the wagon or off the wagon.  I don't know.  I'm a tea teetotaler.   Is that the way it's spelled?

So go here to see these crazy kids.     Hey!  Turn a problem into fun.  That's my motto.  (I wish!)

Uh-oh!!   It's raining outside.   Tuesday.  4:27 a.m.    Mark it.

That's enough for me.  I'm building an ark.

Remind me of this next year when I complain about Mesa never getting any rain.

 My roof guy is coming this morning.

Sep 8, 2014

I-10 Freeway in Phoenix today

I didn't take this.   One of the news channels I suppose.

Be careful what you wish for

You know how I'm always complaining because we never have any rain?   

OK - I'm not complaining because ...... you's RAIN.

But 2.05 inches at my house in one hour is pretty heavy for here.   Woke me up at 2:30 and my back porch was flooded.  

We are getting the end of Mexico's hurricane and seriously ---- this is rare.  We never get their storms.  We always want to. 

Imagine Hank saying . . . . . . .   Whutthehell??

As he is cowering under my legs beneath the coffee table right now.

But it's wet and I love it and I may have to buy sandbags for my back porch.

Oh -  and I found another hole in the roof. 

Always good to know.


Sep 7, 2014