Jan 10, 2015

Being at Mt. Vernon

To make this post easier, I'm just going to send you over to Alice's Mt. Vernon post and you can read about it there. If you want to. Not an order. I'll just say that spending a day at Mt. Vernon with George and Martha Washington was incredibly wonderful. I only wish I could have been back there then to know them. 

These first 3 or 4 pictures were ones that I took on the lawn of George's house.   It is the exact same scenery now that it was for George and Martha sitting on the porch and the park service people like to keep it like that.  So they have bought up thousands of acreage and hundreds of miles all around the estate - even across the Potomac.  So if you want to drill for oil here, you're out of luck.   

I saw Alice taking a picture of The Dormouse and The Caterpillar and I couldn't resist this.

These two had fun rolling down the lawn and into the Potomac River.   (Well, maybe not that far down.  But far enough to be told to stop it.)

My two loves.

And their parents - Alice and the King of Hearts.

I was immersed in the beauty of the Potomac River.  I had never known just how big it was.

Really - really pretty.  And as you can tell, the sun was going down.

LOVED this house!!

These buildings were some of the slave quarters.  I thought they were pretty good housings for the time.  George Washington could build anything.

Just .. . . FYI.

This is one of the four farms the George built.   That circular building in the middle?  You can't believe the mathmatics that must have gone into it.

Another beautiful scene.

I think this was up around the memorial in the cemetery of the slaves.  Very emotional.

We found Washington's burial site.

"Tomb of Washington.  Erected 1830-31.  Site and Material specified by Washington's will."

George's casket.

There's Martha's casket stuck over there in the corner.

George bought a camel from somewhere and brought it home for the kids once.   

I'm only assuming that this isn't the original camel.

Now scurry on over to Alice's post for better information.   

Because they wouldn't let us take pictures inside of it.

Jan 6, 2015

D. C. monuments at night

The last night I was there, we went down to the monuments in DC. It was 'no moon dark' that night and very cold.  But I tried to get some photos of the lights on them anyway.  I would like to have wandered around all of them but it was cold and we had two little darlings that probably weren't as enthralled with it as I was.   One was falling asleep.  Well - as soon as she got in the car to head back home she did.

I can't decide how big to make these pictures.   Extra large seems to take out something.  I love this Washington monument.  Although, I will never understand how an upright cement stick has anything to do with George.  But it's impressive when you are standing at the bottom of it as well as further away.  It got damaged in the earthquake they had a year or so ago.  Not sure if the top is done or not but you could sure see lots of chips all around it from parts of it breaking.

 Thank heavens it didn't come down.

Aw - what the heck.   I'll try x-large.

I've wanted to take a picture of the Capitol in the dark for a long time.  So we went fairly close to it and I found out they are working on it to strengthen it.  Now all we have to do is hope that no stupid idiot terrorist with a plane will take it down. I'm still mad about that.

Go here and find out what they are fixing.  I did. You can see pictures of the things that need to be repaired.

I don't know.  I kind of think it's kind of neat with all the scaffold and that huge 'blanket' around it.  I tried this x-large.  Didn't like it.

Dec 30, 2014

Being here

It's an on-going fun trip with two grand girls.  And I mean that phrase in both ways.   The Dormouse is between childhood and starting the teen years.  That's always a trying time for little girls.   I could wish and hope and wishwishwish she didn't have to go through those sometimes awful teenage years and could somehow just 'skip through' the next six years.   But none of us ever got to do that.  I just remember it as very hard.  Bodies and brains are changing fast.   


The Caterpiller has funny things come out of her mouth every day.   She's in second grade and at least going on some future way of talking.   She uses such adult language at times and her humor is dry as a bone and very, very funny.   I hope she never loses it.  

She is typing out a history of her life. Imagine.  Seven whole years.  When I was in second grade, I just wanted to ride my horse or be like Jana Peterson who could tap dance and I was quite upset when I didn't get to do that.   Honestly.  I'm so uncoordinated now, how could I have ever wanted that.   I was taking piano lessons and my parents probably couldn't afford any other lessons.   But Caterpiller?  She's writing her history.  Future family history person.

She titled it Caterpiller's Story and to read it (if she will let you) is amazing at the phrasing and wording she uses.  She was typing the other day at the kitchen table where this computer is.  I was behind her kind of just watching and standing.   She said......in a soft, direct voice-

"It's not very easy to type this with you standing over my body."

Honestly.  I wish I had brought a recorder with me to tape all of the things she has said to me and others.  I asked her if she would send me a copy of her history when she got through.   

Yesterday we went to an old airport  which had a museum.  It was an airport  here the Wright Brothers worked doing whatever they worked on.  Had a bunch of early 1900 planes.   They had a simulator that you could take off, fly, and land.   I crashed.  Ate lunch at a place called Franklin's in Hyattsville.   It was in a 1901 or some year hardware shop and brewery with a store on site that's incredible.   Great food.  I ordered a Rueben Sandwich and could only eat half.  Boxed it up for later and then conveniently left the box there.   I do that more often.  Where's my brain.

Last night we drove down to DC and took pictures of the monuments in the dark.  So pretty down there.  Crowded, but pretty.

I've loved being here.   All good things come to an end.  This will end at 2:25 this afternoon and it's back to Arizona.  

Dec 28, 2014

What a guy!

This not so hot picture from WIKI is where we spent the day yesterday. All day long. You cannot see enough all day long either. So much to see at Mt. Vernon. I've got pictures! Learned more about George Washington than I ever knew I knew yesterday. One of those people from times past that you wished you were there to have known. We toured the house - all three floors. It was amazing. I'd been there before about 30 years ago, but I don't remember seeing all that we saw and learned yesterday.  

Like I said - What a guy!

Dec 27, 2014

It's tough being Santa

The Caterpillar and Dormouse and Alice bought a big Star Wars person in the very crowded mall the day before Christmas for Daddy. And Caterpillar insisted on carrying it through that half mile long mall which is a mile if you walk all around it. Great Exercise! Except even I wouldn't be lugging a big toy person around  that big mall that long. Especially when it was as almost as tall as me.

I'd have gotten a cart.

Bit blurry but you get the drift.