Sep 2, 2014

This is what math has always done to my brain.

I loathed story problems!!! 

I just never "got" any kind of math.

I remember a night when my dad tried to force me to understand it.   

It wasn't pretty.


Aug 31, 2014

Update on Friends

My friend Nita died Friday night.   She was 83.

 Her daughter who was 57 years old died 36 hours later.

I am so saddened.

It will be a double funeral.

Aug 26, 2014

It's almost September!!!

Seven days until we can visualize that light at the end of the tunnel.    Then it will be not hot anymore.   Cool air is coming.   Not that it won't start turning down the oven on Natures Oven the first of September.  It is just 30 days closer.     I have not been off the couch all this whole day long - well thirty minutes off when I took some dead lettuce over to Norma's house for her ducks.  

 Then we sat there on the lawn and watched the mama duck take care of her babies  and then we watched an old ratty looking aged chicken take care of another duck baby because when the duck laid her eggs, Norma took out one and put it underneath the chicken so she could have a baby to raise.   I guess that's surrogacy in duck/chicken language.    Two little baby ducks - identical - one thinks the duck is his mother and the other one follows the big old hen around thinking that she is his mother.  It was so cute I could hardly stand it.

So I went back over and took two pictures.

 I honestly don't know why my camera is turning out photos like this but you get the bad picture.  These are the duckies with their mommy.  See the black and yellow one?

That's the twin to this one. . . the one that Norma stole from Moma Duck's nest and put in this big old girl's nest so she could raise another baby.   And she is ever the good mommy.  Get near her baby and you will have a hole in your ankle.

Guess I need to buy a new camera.

Back to the couch.