Feb 27, 2015

The Llamas of Sun City, Arizona

Alice text(ed) (I really hate turning the word 'text' into a verb, but I don't know how else to say it) me yesterday afternoon about llamas in Sun City, Arizona that had gotten away from their owners and were running ......well....everywhere! Traffic came to a stop and everybody and their dog (literally) were trying to catch them. Which I don't imagine helped catch them very much with so many people after them.  They were probably scared to death.  

 The owner was interviewed after they'd been caught and he said it took almost three hours to get them. Finally a man in a truck with a ladder in the back got out and stood in the back of his truck, picked up a rope, fixed it up, and lassoed the biggest one. Got her on first try. 

Yes.....This is still the old west. Would anybody in New York or someplace think to get an old fashioned rope and lasso them. . . . thus taking care of the whole situation? 

I've heard that the social media nearly broke down the internet with this thing. Somebody put different styles of music to the whole chase. It was pretty funny. 

I didn't see how they got the younger one, but he was the baby of the white one and he may have come over and stayed close to his mother.

I actually like the Benny Hill music better:

Feb 4, 2015

Some people are very s-l-o-w!

It has taken many months, but Hank has finally figured out the connection between new food and the buzzer that goes off on his feeder.

Jan 31, 2015

Rainy day photos

We are going into our second day of rain and loving every minute of it.  Rainy day photos ahead.

 Hank -- who wouldn't get his special paws into a drop of water if he was paid - was laying out in the wet grass this morning.

 Go figure!

Great photo, Hank!

He looks like he's falling to the side.

 Agave Cactus.  I love this thing.

 Did you know that Rosemary blossoms?  I didn't.

Well rats.....I tried not to get myself into the picture.   Missed that mirror reflection of the other mirror.  I gotta clean that tile someday.

I will be doing this today with a quilt project in front of the fire.   It's overcast and wonderful outside.  Probably the other way around so I can watch a movie.

The super bowl is in town, but I'm not messing up this post by talking about it.   All I can say is....SO SICK OF THEM AND THE HYPE OVER THIS STUPID THING!!!