Jul 21, 2014

Kanosh Canyon

We got up early on Saturday before the wedding and rode up into the mountains of Kanosh Canyon. It was such a pretty ride.

 Hi, Cow!

 And we always seem to have the joy of running into what jackasses have left for somebody else to clean up.

I'm sorry.  But if you do this to nature, you deserved to be shot at midnight.


Here's something more pleasant.

 Now.  You're all refreshed!

Flagstaff from a mountain

 This is from the mountain that has Lowell Observatory on it.   Where Pluto was discovered oh lo those many years ago.

Poor Pluto.

This is Sunset Crater.

Traditional Mexican Wedding

The reason I went to Kanosh, Utah was because my friend's grandson was getting married.  It turned out that it was going to be a traditional Mexican Wedding at the Catholic Church in Fillmore, Utah.   Fillmore is a little Mormon pioneer town of the 1880's and the first capital of Utah with a population of about 2500.  Kanosh is another little Mormon town four miles south pioneered around the first of the 1900's.  It was land that belonged to Chief Kanosh and his Ute Indian tribe.  It turned out that the Mormon pioneers and the Indians got along very well with each other and as a tribute to the Indians, the town was named Kanosh.  Kanosh has a population of 472.   Roughly.  So that's the history lesson for this post.  In both towns, people are either White or Mexican.

I only went up with Norma to keep her company and get me out of this heat.  It was a fun trip.  But the interesting part was the Mexican wedding that I found so fun to be part of and watch.  The color red was the color of the wedding.  I've learned since that that is used in Mexican weddings a lot.   I didn't know that and didn't wear red, but generally it was the Mexican people sporting it.  The service was an hour and a half  - (whew!) and it was a lot of standing and sitting.  Which we all participated in.  There were parts of it that were Catholic and the non-Catholics just stood and partook of the service that way while the Catholics did their thing.  Really interesting though.

I video-ed some of it.  There was a Mexican 'choral' group that sang quite a bit through out the service.   I loved that part.  I've always liked Mexican singing so it was great for me.  This video I took below shows some of it.  I think they go through three songs so judge for yourselves how much you want to see/listen to it.

The service was in the morning and then the reception was from 5:00 to 7:00 Saturday night with a Mexican band coming in from Salt Lake.  Turns out the band was an hour and a half late so it was a lot of waiting.  There was plenty of dancing though when they came.  The reception was in a rodeo arena and due to the weather it was very hot in there and due to that dreaded Daylight Savings Time the sun didn't even start to go down until about 10:00 pm and seriously - it was so dang hot in there.  Everybody wore jeans.  Everybody was a cowboy.  Again - red was the color most worn.  The poor bride had to have her wedding dress on All.Day.Long and into the night.   I felt so sorry for her.   She was sweating.  I swear to you I will never live in a state with Daylight Savings Time.   Arizona better not EVER change to that here.

The thing with those receptions I heard was that they are open to the community.  So there were lots of rockin' souls there in attendance.  A big table full of Mexican foods were available as well as drinks and a lot of them partook of the free beers/drinks.   The table behind me were really lit up by the latter.   I went back to the motel in Kanosh about 9:00 and we heard Sunday morning that it party went into the wee hours of the morning.   And the booze apparently.

I did take some videos of the dances they did but they didn't turn out so well in the dark and I just deleted them. When the band FINALLY arrived, Norma got out and danced with them, but I didn't.   I'm a clutz!

It was fun.  I'm glad that I could be a part of it.  It'll probably never happen again.

Jul 19, 2014

Dinosaur Tracks

Since 4th grade I have always been a dinosaur freak. So I knew that on the outskirts of Saint George there was a place where you could see dinosaur tracks -- et.al. So this trip we stopped there. And ... okay. I was a little disappointed. I thought they were going to show actual tracks out in the fields since southern Utah is a place where the dinosaur species frequented. But we didn't get to do that. It's an inside museum thing where they have brought in tracks from that area and any other state and area they could find them. So for me, it was kind of a blah. But - the fossils were interesting.  And this little guy below was supposedly walking in his own real tracks they'd brought in just strolling along.

Yeah - he's a cutie.   I've dated guys that aren't as cute.

I liked this.  Fossilized skin.  Looks just like lizards of today.

And these two go together.  It's a T-Rex  claw print. Or a close cousin.

Why can't I find a fossil like this?  :)

Jul 17, 2014

Kaibab and St. George, Utah

We started out from Mesa the morning of the 10th and went to Payson, Arizona.  Then we  went through some back roads back to Flagstaff and on to Fredonia, Arizona where we turned left on the Arizona Strip and stopped in St. George, Utah for the night.   The sunrise the next morning was so pretty.

 Course we had to go over Kaibab Forest and Jacob Lake first before getting to Fredonia.  I love the road over that mountain.  It's immediately very cool and I want to just stay there.