Aug 26, 2014

It's almost September!!!

Seven days until we can visualize that light at the end of the tunnel.    Then it will be not hot anymore.   Cool air is coming.   Not that it won't start turning down the oven on Natures Oven the first of September.  It is just 30 days closer.     I have not been off the couch all this whole day long - well thirty minutes off when I took some dead lettuce over to Norma's house for her ducks.  

 Then we sat there on the lawn and watched the mama duck take care of her babies  and then we watched an old ratty looking aged chicken take care of another duck baby because when the duck laid her eggs, Norma took out one and put it underneath the chicken so she could have a baby to raise.   I guess that's surrogacy in duck/chicken language.    Two little baby ducks - identical - one thinks the duck is his mother and the other one follows the big old hen around thinking that she is his mother.  It was so cute I could hardly stand it.

So I went back over and took two pictures.

 I honestly don't know why my camera is turning out photos like this but you get the bad picture.  These are the duckies with their mommy.  See the black and yellow one?

That's the twin to this one. . . the one that Norma stole from Moma Duck's nest and put in this big old girl's nest so she could raise another baby.   And she is ever the good mommy.  Get near her baby and you will have a hole in your ankle.

Guess I need to buy a new camera.

Back to the couch.

Aug 22, 2014


Have you noticed as you (me, we, whoever) get older, you go to more funerals?   I remember my parents and their generation talking about this.  They found themselves going to more and more funerals.   Friends and relatives are leaving us.   And we are left here to try and understand it. 

Reading a story like this is rare.

I have a friend that I have known at least 40 years - or the amount of time that I have lived in Arizona.  We went to church together and walked together on the canals every morning.  One morning in the 80's, I walked as usual over to meet her at her house for the morning canal walk.  She mentioned that her back was hurting and she didn't know why.   And from that time until now, she still has back problems that have escalated to other problems.  She has walked bent over for years.  Basically, for 30 some years, she has been in pain.   

I moved from that area in 1996 and as usual and I don't know why this happens, her life went one way and mine went another.  I'd run into her and her husband at Costco now and then.  I'd hear from collective friends here and there that she was still not doing well with the pain she was having - and having surgeries at times.

She has a daughter that was the light of her life.    Four years ago, that daughter came down with cancer.  And you know how cancer goes.  You fight it.  You say you have beaten it.  Eventually it wins in the end.  

A few days later my friend was put into hospice with a life expectancy of a week.  

And her daughter went into hospice on the same day with a couple of week's expectancy.   

I went down and visited them in the same hospice room the other night.   It was hard to watch.   The daughter still tried to help with her mother.   And the mother still tried to help her daughter.  
  I have a picture of the two of them in the hospital room.   I can't bring myself to put it on this post, although that was my intent.  I didn't take the photo and I can't take the chance of having a photo like that become a Google image for life.  

I don't know who will go first.
As I looked at them, my wish was that they could go together on the same day.

Aug 14, 2014

St. George Temple in St. George, Utah

I've put pictures on here before of this beautiful building built by pioneers 100++ many years ago.  It amazes me how  well they could build things without any of the needed equipment that we have today. 

The Beehive was a symbol of productivity, work, and industry in the early days of Salt Lake City.   The pioneers built up the valley so that it would "Blossom as a Rose" and it certainly has done that.    The Beehive symbol is so important in old Utah that the state is called the Beehive State.   Betcha you thought it was called the Mormon State, right?    Nope.  

I can't imagine how they built things like this.  No mechanical nor electric tools!  This temple was build up from the dirt starting in 1871 and finally finishing and dedicating it in 1877.  It always amazes me.  I'm pretty proud of my ancestor people of which I had many there during the build up of Utah.

Hank is sleeping right beside me on this table.  And snoring up a log.  It's almost time for his monthly weigh-in.  Wonder what he is dreaming?  He's such a good friend.

Aug 12, 2014

I am heartbroken!

Usually when somebody in Hollywood dies, I take it with a grain of salt.  Whatever that very old sentence means.  Grain of salt?  What's that?   But I was shocked yesterday when the television started blaring the news that Robin Williams died.  And to hear it was suicide.   I was shocked to the point of tears.   So very sad.  I always liked him.  I didn't like his stand-ups and rarely watched him during those because of his use of F-words.  But his movies were not to be denied.   My favorite one was Patch Adams.   Not sure if anybody could pull off a dramatic part like he really could.    Think Awakenings.

The sad thing that hits me is this was so preventable.   Why when he had so much depression and so much financial awareness was he not on some medication.  Or therapy.   Perhaps he was or maybe he couldn't because he was so addicted to drugs most of his life.   The dark monster hits a lot of people.  I take meds for it.  I cannot function if I get off of them.   Am I bragging?   Heavens, NO!   I hate taking drugs.  I cannot understand how or why people get so hooked on them.  But sometimes, they are needed.

There needs to come a time in this country when people  who accept a broken arm or a broken heart so easily, have a hard time accepting a broken brain.  The knowledge is hidden, kept quiet, not talked about, and has an embarrassed nature to it.   I don't understand why it isn't just as physical as any other part of our bodies.

And I feel so sorry for him that he wasn't able to get any more help than he had.  

But then . . . we don't know the whole story about him, do we.   

I'm so sad that he is gone.