Apr 16, 2014

Flowerless spring in Arizona

 We only got about a teaspoonful moisture this winter.  So when you take the time to go out into the desert to find fields of daisies and poppies, you'll come home with an empty camera.   As I did this afternoon.   I didn't see one out there today.

 But - lots of Palo Verde trees.  April is their month.  They bloom for about two or three weeks and then all the blooms fall off into a yellow mess on the ground and there's nothing on the trees for the rest of the year.   The tree will look like a tree full of green sticks the rest of the year.

 This was a river bed.  Dry Dry Dry.  It amazes me how nature can grow out of sand.

If you squint your eyes really tight, you'll see the lake through those trees.  People were out there swimming.  Too cold for me.   This was at Butcher Jones beach on Saguaro Lake.

Apr 13, 2014

This and that

  • This is the table the television sits on.  It was blond ugly wood that I got when I moved in here about 16 years ago.   I like the red.  Or Orange.  Or redorange.  However you see it.

  •  These two arched windows in each bedroom have always been a pain in my craw.  The ONLY window decor that could go in here and look good is shutters.  And they're about a thousand dollars for each window.  So that's out.  I tried curtains. It was pretty much ugly.  I tried having half blinds from the bottom of the arch down.  That got annoying very fast.   So then I decided I'd just put in new blinds from the top to the bottom.  Ugly yes.  But it seemed to solve all of the problems.  I also decided to put in black blinds.  Which kept me awake for a month with fear that they would look awful too.   Actually, they don't look all that bad being black.   Especially during the day.  I should have taken this picture with the blinds rolled down.  Alas! 

  •  I had paint left over from the table so I went outside and painted this chair that was white.  I kind of like this.  Give the frontage area some color.

Don't you just love the orange Dychondra underneath?   

Eh........!  It'll go away.

  • And while I was out there I noticed this.  The Calla Lillies are coming up very nicely.

I'd tell you I'm through with the house but ideas keep popping into my brain.

Apr 10, 2014

Inbetween re-doing my house

I loved this book.  Although I ended up not liking Charles Lindbergh through it completely.   He was kind of a controlling jerk.  He was terrible when their son was kidnapped and murdered and would not let his wife nor anyone ever speak of the child again.  The baby was always referred to as the "events of '32".  That includes his children.   They were never told anything about what happened and eventually learned they had another brother in history books at school.   He also had three other families (wives and children) in Europe which certainly was an explanation as to why he was always 'working' away from home.

It was actually written as a novel with narration from Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  The author did a wonderful job with researching.  AML certainly has all of my respect. 

What else am I reading?  I found an old, old book somewhere.  Can't remember where.  It's titled 'Mr. Lincoln's Wife' - copyright 1943.  Pretty good actually.

I finished painting a mirror yellow and finally hung it up this morning.

What do you think?

Next I'm spray painting a metal lawn chair red-ish. 

One thing leads to another.  :)

Apr 1, 2014

My patience is getting thin on this

I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that I am getting sick and tired of getting awakened at midnight by F-bombs!

Forgotten?  Go here.   

My nice, quiet new neighbor - single guy - mid to late twenties - next door to me who moved in in January is not so nice and quiet.   I woke up with F-bomb this and F-bomb that and realized it wasn't some television show I'd fallen asleep on, but the real thing.   

Apparently he and his girlfriend that comes to "visit"  him often had a fight and they decided to duke it out on the patio about twenty  ten  five feet from my bedroom window.

Ummm  .  .  .  .  .guys? 

 It's midnight??

These houses are kinda close together???  

Can you take it inside????!


Mar 28, 2014


It all started last Friday when I was visiting a friend of mine in her house.  She's got a talent about decor and a vision of what looks good and what doesn't. Her colors are all wonderful. If I don't get some color in that living room of mine, I'm going to go crazy.   No clutter.  My house gets cluttery easily.  Her ceilings aren't popcorn ceilings.  Mine are.   The drawers of her house are all working nicely.   I have five broken drawers.   The cupboards in her kitchen look so wonderful.   One of mine is broken.    If she has a mirror around her fireplace, it would probably look beautiful.  My mirror around the fireplace is broken. 

Now when I left her house that morning, I really should have taken  a ride into the slum areas of Phoenix before I came to my own house.  But I didn't.  I came home and looked around.   I hated the popcorn ceiling.  I hated the broken drawers.  I hated the mirror again.   I hated the couch.   I hated the colors which were brown, off brown, really off brown, sorta off brown, brown couch, off off off brownish rug.  If one more color of brown, tan, beige or even close to that comes into that living room, I'm going do something bad. 

I knew that I was completely over-whelmed with the clutter.  I started cleaning that day.   I started moving furniture.   I was still working on it the next day when my friend came over, looked around, and started planning.  She started throwing things out - or giving them to me to throw out.  You cannot believe the things that she talked me into tossing.   I had had a curio cabinet that contained little cats.   Many little cats.   I worked in a school office for 28 years and when Christmas came around people would give me cat things.   Multiply all that added upon for 28 years and my sister's death when I was given ALL of her collected cats and what have you got?   Too many little cats.  I always knew that they were overwhelming me.  They had to go.  

WHUTTTT?    My cats?  I couldn't just throw them all away.   I was attached.   She said NO!   Get rid of all of this!!!  I knew she was right, but some of them were expensive and some had sentimental meaning.   So when she left for a while, I got a box and picked out some of the ones that were expensive and ones that I liked more.  Like the lladro.   You can't just throw out lladro.  It was my sister's piece she bought before she died.  I think she paid about $700 for that thing.  So I saved about ten of the ones I liked best and cleaned out the cabinet and put them back on the shelves along with my grandmother's depression glass vase and candy dish.

Looks soooooo nice now!!

The next morning came the books!   All my life I have thought it was a federal offense and a Hitler like thing to throw out a book.   You can't throw away a book.  So consequently, I had a lot of books.   A whole closet full and a big bookcase full.   She went to work on the bookcase.  She'd take books out and I'd check to see what the sentimental value of them were and which to throw.  Then she rearranged the books in the book case and it looks so cute now.

Then that night, I went to work on the closet full of books.  I tossed a million books on the hallway floor.  Okay maybe I embellish the number.  But I bet it was 150 or around there.

Then I just plain started going through the whole house.   An ugly floor lamp that didn't work.   And so on and so on.

And now I have a half a garage full of crap waiting to be picked up next Tuesday.  

Here are the "after" photos.   And I'm kind of glad I didn't take "before" photos.

 From the family photo file entitled "Crap".

This is only some of the stuff that's in my garage waiting to be picked up.


This was during my book tantrum.

This is what my bookcase looked like after she got through with it.  I likey alot.

This is what my closet with less books looks like.  Actually, that bottom shelf now is empty and the second shelf up is only about a quarter filled.

 I. Can. Eliminate!

 'Scuze the flip-flops but this is looking in from the front door sans crap on the floor.  Except for that stuff underneath that desk that you wouldn't have even noticed if I had not told you.   It got packed up and sent.

 With the exception of the paper party on the coffee table, this looks so much better now.

She re-did this room.   She didn't think much of the cat tree, but.................

In de-cluttering, I found high school stuff from my kids that I decided I had had custody of long enough.  So $100 (OK I embellish a tad - but only a tad)  later in postage fees and four boxes, I'm a happy camper now.  Hey kids.  If you wanna kick in, I won't be offended.

Hmmm....  Now I'm thinking that that picture in that photo over the bed should be down a little bit more.   It wasn't that you could not get into this room, it just had . . . . . . . too much.  Like too many pillows on top of that bed that are now going to the junk wagon next Tuesday.

You'd think we are through, wouldn't you.  But we are not.   She we.. .. are going to paint the table that the OLD (as in I refuse to buy one of the new fancy dancy TV's as long as this one still works!)   television is sitting on a pretty rustish red color that goes with some colors she brought over.  As in new pillows for the couch.  And then I threw out an old mirror I had but she took it out of the garage pile and is going to paint the frame and cleaned out a piece of wall that it will look really nice on.

So.   If you want to clean out your house, I know just the perfect person to help you.   Only hang on to your most loved things tightly.