Oct 19, 2014

October in Arizona is like spring in Idaho

Rock Garden! 

 See what I mean?   It is the time when we start  planting flowers and hoping that they will come up like little chargers.  The little heart shaped leaves are Morning Glory's.  They are growing a vine so we'll see what they do.  I wonder if they can climb that adobe?

 The cute little yellow flowers are Four O'Clocks.   They go into full bloom during the night and in the morning they are adorable.

 These are Snap Dragons.  Snap Dragons were always in Grandma Bright's garden.

 This WAS a really pretty area of Sweet Potato Ivy.  And it really was.  Until we had three floods in three weeks and most of it died.   I may take it all out and start over with some starts I have in maturing in water.

 Hank insisted of  punching out the camera with his head.  Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to HIM.

 I bought a whole mess of seeds of various flowers, put them all together in a cup and tossed it into the dirt.   So hopefully, I'll be surprised.  IF they come up.

 Ahhhh.....life is hard.   No problems, no taxes, no mortgage, no bills.......just take the dang picture and leave me alone!   In my next life, I'm going to be a spoiled cat.

The little plants that have  heart shaped leafs are Morning Glory's.  Wait!  I think I told you that up there somewhere.

Oct 2, 2014


I thought I would tell you all how smart I am.

  I went through the living room tonight to go out on the back porch and ran into the sliding glass door.  

 It was closed!

I think I'm starting to worry about myself.   

Sep 29, 2014

This and that

It's a good thing we all have Facebook.   Whatever did I do before I could find out when I am going to die.   I took the little quiz on that silly site and I will depart from this earth at age 83.   So that means I've got a few years yet left to party up. 


On that theme, I took the 'where will I be going after I die' test, too.    It appears that I will remain on the earth in the form of a ghost.    Hmmm...I kind of like that.   I will be able to haunt those few persons (and they know who they are) who have betrayed me in this life.   All men.  Interesting, huh.


The Sonoran Deseret is quietly and slowly changing climates into the tropics.   Seriously, I really think the earth  has tipped a tad.   After living here since 1975, I have never seen one of Mexico's hurricanes come up this far and give this area a run for its money.   Now mind you . . . in the past when Mexico's hurricanes have come up the Baja Pennisula, we would usually always get some overcast of clouds.  But that was all.   The past month or more we have been pounded with severe storms and rain from two months of Hurricanes Marie, Norbert, and Odile.  Every one of them have come up the Baja and instead of going out to the Pacific like they usually do, they  turned east over Arizona.  Very strange.

Actually to be fair to Mexico, I think the Saturday ravaging storm came from the North East.

I mean West.

Saturday my back porch flooded AGAIN and I spent the entire early Saturday evening trying to sweep out the water before it could get into the house through my sliding glass door to the living room.  My major errand today is to go find some free sand bags and just store them out on the porch for future usage.  If we are changing climates, I want to be ahead.


I decided I didn't want to stay here for Christmas.   I really hate staying here for Christmas.  It puts me into a complete depression.   Last year I went to my cousin's house in California.  So the other day I got a ticket to go back to Washington DC and see my grandkids.   Oh....and my kids too.  I now just have to figure out where to get the money to come back.  If  I ended up having to stay there, Alice would have a heart attack.  (If you're reading this, Alice, JUST KIDDING!!!)  ..but not much.


Update on Hank:   Nothing.   I think his big weight loss of three pounds has stopped.  He spends his time in the garden that I have aptly named for him.......Hank's Garden. . . . ..  .. .all sprawled out over the cool sidewalk watching the birds scream at him because they have nests nearby.  I think he is purposely taunting them.    The other morning I was watching him through the window.  A dove landed on the sidewalk just a little ways in front of him.   (Gutsy dove!!) I thought the dove was going to be that nights dinner very quickly, but Hank just looked at him.   I did see his right paw tense up on the cement.    The other night he brought a baby lizard into the house and sat there and looked at me with his paw on top of the poor thing like........okay....I don't know why I caught this but I just hadddd to and what do I do now?   I picked up the lizard and the tail had already fallen off.   I took it away from him and put it back in the garden and told him the rules......we don't kill lizards in this house.   Lizards are our friends.

He could care less.


Plumbers are coming this morning to measure the spot where my new sink is going in.  Hope it works.


Sep 27, 2014


Well, I guess you're lucky.  I can't get the privacy button to work on my google settings.   It will not let me do it anymore.   So they've either changed something on how to privatize a blog, or I'm getting a whole lot dumber as I get older.  Probably the latter.  

Anyway - Can't say I didn't try.