Jan 8, 2013

Continuing on. Don't we just have to??

While I'm waiting for somebody to come out and fix my bathroom, I thought I'd post some more DC photos.   To catch you up, which I'm sure you are less than interested in my plumbing problems, I remembered during the night sometime that I had a home warranty on this house for problems occurring.   I wasn't going to renew it because it was more upfront money that the warranty got its use out of and I thought it was gone anyway.  But I went into my files and found it and saw that there was one more month on it.  I called them and they hemmed and hawed and asked me two million questions and had to get somebody to okay the claim.   They did and I don't trust them too much but they finally ok'd it to come out have a look-see.

I'll let you know what they will or will not do.

So back to Washington DC.

I wanted to go down to the National Cathedral.  I hadn't been there in about 15 years or so.  In fact, I wanted to go everywhere in two weeks but those darn people like to go to work.   Honestly!


I should've edited these photos but I didn't.  That building sticks out all over the place.  When I rode the metro before, you could see it laying out there over the landscape.

At the top with the construction is where the earthquake in 2011 took off some of the towers.

Well, what can I say.   This is my favorite gargoyle.   There are gargoyles all over that building.   Go to Alice's blog and see up close photos.  While I was wandering around inside, she went outside and took closeup pictures of them.  Really interesting.

This is my favorite stained window as is 99 % of everybody's.   So big.  The Rose.  I got a window hanging of it and brought home to Debbie for Hank-sitting those two weeks.

Cool, eh?

This was interesting.   The towers that fell and broke during the earthquake. 

I know.  It's hard to read.  Like I say, I didn't edit these photos.

It's supposed to be put back together someday.  Sure hope so.  Totally beautiful building.   Next post - the inside and those gorgeous stained windows.

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