Mar 4, 2014

Police dogs are very loud at midnight.

I was sleeping peacefully last night and I began to be awakened by F words.   And I wasn't dreaming.  There was a bunch of idiots out front.   We have idiots across the street.  It's a rental house so you know what that means.   Don't judge me.  Basically, if these people live anywhere on the earth, there's going to be trouble.  Some guy was screaming and yelling and F-ing.  Kind of annoying at midnight as well as any other time.   

So I got up and put on a sweatshirt and pants and walked outside to see what the heck was going on.    When I got out there it was quiet as a mouse.  The only thing different was that the garage door was open on this one particular house.   I thought then something's going on.

I came back in and took off the sweatshirt and took off the pants and got into bed again and turned the television on.   By this time Hank has been ruffled by the activity (he sleeps in the garage for some reason)  and he was laying right beside me.   Which is not his usual M.O.

About ten minutes later, there was all this yelling again and F-ing again.  So.  .  .   I got up, put on the sweatshirt, put on the pants, wondered if I should call the police, walked out front and thirty seconds later these two policemen came swooping in and braking their cars at a first rate speed in front of my driveway.   Saved me a phone call.    They had some of the family and the two little kids probably 3 and 5 years old outside lining them up and asking the oldest if she had any weapons on her.  They were put behind the police cars and the two policemen went to the house and looked all over with their flashlights.

(I wonder what kind of flashlights they use because I want one.   The light coming from one of them could wake the dead.)

One searched around while the other guarded the family.  The searching one came back and got a BIG gun from his trunk and took it up and aimed it through the garage.    So yeah.  I'm smart.   Now I knew that there was somebody in the house who wouldn't come out.   
After a while another police car came with dogs.  And when those dogs know they are going "on duty" .  .  .  .  Holy Cow they are loud !   I was wondering why nobody else heard them at this very quiet time of night.   Or perhaps I was the only stupid one and wandered outside to watch.   The police knew I was standing on the front of my patio there.  They never said anything to me.

They took the dogs to the door and yelled the command that whoever was in there needed to come out or they would send the dogs in and be bitten.  Then four more police cars showed up.  It was my very own  "Cops" television show.

 I would love to tell you what happened after that.  I would love it more if I could tell you what it was all about.  But there's not much.   They made their way into the house and eventually the family went in the house, also.   All of the policemen were in the house.  They never brought anybody out.  The dogs went home in their police car.

It got very boring. 

 Hank was blanketed away on my bed. 

 I decided to join him.

I'll never know why or what.   

But I did feel sorry for those little kids that had to be part of it due to some very stupid person or people.

People like that should not be allowed to have children.

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