Mar 5, 2014

The New Gilbert Temple

In Gilbert, Arizona, of course.    Gilbert is a town just maybe seven miles south of me on Gilbert Road.   What a cute little farming community it used to be.  Still has a Main Street but as usual, too many people have moved into that area and farms lands are gone and massive condo buildings and huge homes are surrounding it fully.   


Progress.  I try to get used to it, but it's hard.  I realize where I'm typing this right now used to be Indian ruins I suppose.  I guess in the end, it doesn't matter.

But out in the --not yet covered by condos and housing and massive business but getting there very quickly --land is the spot when the new Gilbert Temple was built.   I have to say. . . . . .  it's beautiful out there.  

It was an open house for a month and over 400,000 people went through it.  Me included.  So beautiful inside.  Then it was dedicated last Sunday and on Monday I went out and took some pictures sans people.

So here's some photos.   

 Not mine.  This is a professional photo on the LDS church news website.  They won't sue me.  
I really do love this photo.




No ditto.   

From the church news website.  And my favorite picture.  It is going to be  a beautiful spot for sunset pictures.  This is facing west.

Now you know.

And you didn't even ask.


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