Mar 5, 2014

The New Gilbert Temple

In Gilbert, Arizona, of course.    Gilbert is a town just maybe seven miles south of me on Gilbert Road.   What a cute little farming community it used to be.  Still has a Main Street but as usual, too many people have moved into that area and farms lands are gone and massive condo buildings and huge homes are surrounding it fully.   


Progress.  I try to get used to it, but it's hard.  I realize where I'm typing this right now used to be Indian ruins I suppose.  I guess in the end, it doesn't matter.

But out in the --not yet covered by condos and housing and massive business but getting there very quickly --land is the spot when the new Gilbert Temple was built.   I have to say. . . . . .  it's beautiful out there.  

It was an open house for a month and over 400,000 people went through it.  Me included.  So beautiful inside.  Then it was dedicated last Sunday and on Monday I went out and took some pictures sans people.

So here's some photos.   

 Not mine.  This is a professional photo on the LDS church news website.  They won't sue me.  
I really do love this photo.




No ditto.   

From the church news website.  And my favorite picture.  It is going to be  a beautiful spot for sunset pictures.  This is facing west.

Now you know.

And you didn't even ask.



  1. Wonderful pictures and amazing places
    Greetings :)

  2. It's stunning, marvelous photos yours and theirs :)

  3. I have one other blog friend who has been talking about this. Thanks so much for sharing these photos. Really beautiful.

  4. they are all beautiful, yours and theirs and that last one is spectacular.

  5. Great pictures. I love this temple. It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. It truly is beautiful!
    Thx for sharing w/us.

  7. All of these photos are lovely.

  8. That is a beautiful temple and gorgeous outside!
    I loved our visit to AZ in January. What a beautiful state.

    Ya, I hate seeing the farmlands and the quiet places go away. We certainly had that happen here with the university.

  9. Love your sense of humour. The temple and photos are beautiful especially yours.

  10. a grand looking place.

    i'm not one for big homes engulfing everything.