Mar 16, 2014

Tubac, AZ

My friend DD and I did a day trip on Friday and went south on I-10 to Tucson and then south again to Tubac, AZ.   It's a neat little southwestern artsy kind of town.   It was established in 1752 as a Spanish presidio - -   think military settlement.  It kind of just stayed a little old town in the desert.  Then in the last 25 or 30 years ago or so, it has grown into kind of an artsy fartsy place with lots of southwestern art.   It's fun to spend a few hours walking around in there.  Except for the crowds.  But then, that's a given everywhere.

 I'm sure this must be a St. Francis statue since the dog is with him.  I thought it was kind of cute.

 Mexican pots are everywhere.   They are so pretty.  I wanted this one and that one and that one over there and the one behind something.   But where would I put it in this little tiny house and garden.  

 I didn't take very many photos in Tubac.  This was a very old house with a fence that had been built forever ago.  In the far side it the fence was falling or rotting down.   I didn't like that hose there, but there were no trespassing signs all around that place. I couldn't just climb over and move it.   The shops were like tripled in number from that last time I was there several years ago.

I think that was the last time I will ever go down that way.  I-10 East and West is the freeway you go down on and it's a dangerous trip.   It's four lanes and probably should be widened out more.  Semi's will kill you before even taking a blink.   People driving cars are totally crazy.  Everybody wants to be the first one to get to Phoenix.  Coming back we should have left earlier because the traffic on that strip was just awful from Tucson to Phoenix.  It was bumper to bumper and a 110 miles.   Yesterday on the news there was a big wreck piled up where we were and traffic was shut down totally.   SO glad we came back on Friday and not yesterday.

More photos coming about the missions we saw.   I've blogged about this trip before but it was a few years and two blogs ago.  I killed the first two blogs.   I'm on my third one until I get bored with it again.  

 So if you've seen all of this, just yawn and go with the flow.

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