Mar 17, 2014


Tumacacori is an old mission in southern Arizona.   As with Tubac, I wrote about this a couple of blogs ago.  It is never tiring for me to see this incredible piece of history.  It is three mile south of Tubac and about 15 miles from the Mexican border town of Nogales.  We thought about going down to Nogales, but decided time was of the essence in getting back home before dark.

The last time I was at Nogales I wasn't impressed much.   Crowded - dirty - and a step away from more of the same in Mexico.   Border towns just have a well known reputation of being not the greatest of towns.  I've never been down into the country of Mexico where the towns are far nicer to visit.  We used to park at Safeway in Nogales and walk across the border, but now you have to have a passport to go across which I don't have.    And it's dangerous and contributes to the fact that until they can clean up their country, I don't want to be a part of the adventure of going down.     Too bad because I'd really like to see all of the old temples and the incredibly beautiful country down there.   I had a friend once who went down into Nogalas, Mexico and found himself in jail for a couple of weeks until family could get him out.   I don't remember how they did it, but I'm sure there was a nice little fee to get it done.

Anyway, all that aside, I love these old missions of Arizona.  It's one of the two oldest missions in Arizona going back to 1691.

 Which do you like better.   Black and white or color?   I prefer black and white.

Inside the mission.

 Lots of color that has been there for all of these years.

Old picture frames

There were no pews in this church.   Everybody stood for chapel services.    If it was three hours like mine is every Sunday, I'd have to consider finding somewhere with benches.  :)

This is how they probably used to live.  It's all made of mud.   They bring in the Boy Scouts to give it an uplift every year.   It was hot outside and just walking inside that goes down several degrees.

This was a building that was situated just off  to the north of the mission.  The interesting thing with this photo is that the guide we were listening to said that this whole piece of the side of the wall broke off the day before.  No earthquake - no vandalism - just dropped off suddenly.  I think they ought to leave it this way.

Just some of the landscape around the valley it is in.

This is a room off to the left that was the priest's office.  I love the old steps going up to the chapel.

Graveyard that has been here for forever.  However those graves probably have been reconstructed.  I think they said the bodies under the ground though have been left.

The big grave there is a year old baby - 1916 -1917.  So they have used this cemetery a long time.  That was the last person buried here.

And this is the 'mortuary' like building.  If you're into a lot of reading, this link tells a whole lot about the buildings and the artifacts they have found in the chapel and also this mortuary building.  If not, that's okay too.

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